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Plumbing and Gas around the Home -  Handy Hints

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Handy Hints

Hot Water Price List Gutters - Clean your guttering out at least once a year to prevent costly
email us blockages.
  Gas Heaters - Save money by turning off the pilot light on heaters during
B. L. Gas Services Main Page the warm months
  Gas Heaters - Have all regularly serviced for safety, efficiency and
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Garden Water - By simply adding a extension pipe to your washing machine outlet you can pump the water onto your garden or lawn
Car Washing - Where possible wash your car on the lawn. Detergents rarely effect grass
Concreting - When concreting paths or driveways consider laying a suitable size pvc pipe under which will allow for power for garden lights or access for a garden sprinkler system
Spinner Ventilators - These units work more effectively if small inlet vents are inserted in your eaves or similar area. This allows constant air flow in and out.
Gas Bottles - When buying a new bottle weigh the empty container then weigh same when filled. This determines what of amount gas is in bottle at any time, just by simply re-weighing and comparing against full weight.

Great Ideas

Bar-B-Q - Conect your portable gas Bar-B-Q to a piped LPG gas cylinder.

Caravans - A gas outlet on the outer wall of your van. Terrific for a Bar-B-Q or cooker.
Guttering - Paint the inside of your gutters with black bituminous paint to prevent rust.
Toilets - Convert your old single flush cistern to a dual flush unit. Save money and water.
Water Tanks - If installing a metal water tank, gal or colorbond, paint bottom with
black bituminous paint which will extend the life greatly.
Water Tanks - Interiors can be painted in black bituminous paint. Non toxic coating.
Mosquitoes - Prevent larvae breeding in ground sumps by adding a little household  bleach.
Planting - Do not plant large trees or shrubs near underground pipes in older suburbs.
Cleaning - Every couple of years unscrew pvc goose necks under sinks and clean out.
Dishwashers - For economy try running dishwashers on cold tap only. Most have heaters.
Mould/Fungi - Caused by bad ventilation. Install exhaust fans and leave windows open.
Shower Bases - Leaking shower bases will cause major structural damage to buildings.
Mould - Most good quality bleaches will remove surface mould. May effect paint colours

Safety Suggestions

Gas Bottles - Regularly have your gas bottle safety checked to prevent serious accidents.

Dust - Regularly vacuum dust from all gas heater inlets and outlets.

Gas Smells - If gas smells or odours are detected in your home, turn off main outside and

ring 0412 326 155 immediately.

Gas Flexible Hoses and Connections - Ensure all are not worn or loose

Repairs - Never attempt to repair any gas appliance unless licensed trades person

Drains - Never allow oils or grease to enter your drains or storm water.

Storm Water - It is illegal to allow waste household waters to enter your storm water.
Meter Reading - Councils and service providers must have safe entry to their meters.
Heater Pilot Lights - Turn all off during warmer months.
Water Meters - If your meter is exposed to extreme cold then fully insulate to prevent freezing and pipe fractures.
Portable Gas Heaters - When operating keep the face of these heaters at least one metre from any combustible materials like furniture.

Money Savers

If living in an area supplied with natural gas have your bottle gas appliances converted.
Turn off all pilot lights on heaters during the summer months.
Have all gas room heaters, water heaters and stoves regularly checked for efficiency.
External hot water pipes should be insulated in cold climate areas.
Dripping taps or shower heads cost money and waste water.

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Avoid hand held hoses. Sprinklers or sprinkler systems are far more efficient.
Don't use "full washes" in your clothes washing machine for small loads of clothes.
Always use cold water in your washing machine in summer months.
In water restricted areas fit water savers to all showers.
Gas Heaters - Why buy new heaters? At most times we have guaranteed reconditioned models available at considerable savings to you. Availability varies throughout the year.
If unsure about any repair or application, always contact a licensed plumber.
The above applies in Australia.