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Part No. Gas Regulators  
RegR 2 Domestic Gas Reg Twin Stage (Single bottle) online
RegR 3 Domestic Gas Reg Twin Stage Manual C/O (2 Bottle) online
RegF 800 800mj Twin Stage Gas Regulator (Fisher) online
RegF 1300 1300mj 2nd Stage Gas Regulator (Fisher) online
RegF 1300/1 2500mj 1st Stage Gas Regulator (Fisher) online
Part No. Regulator Accessories  
Pig 180 Pigtail kit online
Pig 900POL-POL POL to POL pigtail 30" online
Pig 900POL-Invert-f POL to Inverted Flare 30" online
Pig 450 flex POL inv POL to inverted flare flexable pigtail 450mm online
HoseCV5/16fl 300*3/8 MI 5/16 MFL online
HoseCV3/8fl 320*3/8 MI 3/8 MFL online
Part No. Thermostats  
THR 032 Robertshaw deep fryer gold contact EA17 7007 online
THE 131 EGO thermostat MV 95-205 Deep Fryer Thermostat online
THW 116 White Rodgers 145-200oC Deep Fryer Thermostat online
THF 141 Fenwell Thermostat Used in Frymaster, Blue Seal, AVP/Waldorf Fryers online
THR 038 Robertshaw Gen Purpose Thermostat Used in Bainmaries/Urns online
THO 034 Robertshaw LCCM 0017 Auto reset safety 235oC trip gold contact online
THO 033 Robertshaw LCH 0025 Manual Reset satety 235oC trip online
THO 132 EGO Fyer over temp cut out 235oC trip online
THO 241 Fenwell Snap Disc used in Blue Seal, Frymaster, Garland deep fryers online
Part No. Thermocouples  
  ECO GAS UNI Thermocouples online
TCJ 141 Eco Gas Uni Thermocouple 450mm online
TCJ 142 Eco Gas Uni Thermocouple 600mm online
TCJ 143 Eco Gas Uni Thermocouple 900mm online
TCJ 144 Eco Gas Uni Thermocouple 1200mm online
TCJ 146 Eco Gas Uni Thermocouple 1800mm online
Nut Kit Eco Gas Selection of nuts for Eco Gas T/Couples 8mm - 9mm etc online
Part No. Special Thermocouples  
TPW 114 White Rodgers Termopile JDO1204 750mv Open Voltage online
TPR 020 Robertshaw Thermopile 24" Coaxial (Blue Seal, Jetmaster) online
TCS 101 Interupted Thermocoule (9mm x 600 Uni Sleeve) online
Part No. SIT Pilots  
REF 050 2 port and thermocouple pilot. Spuds PIS 050-A LPG, PIS 050-B Nat. online
REF 051 3 Port, thermocouple and electrode pilot Spuds PIS 050-A LPG, PIS 050-B Nat. online
PIS 059 Catering Pilot. Hood PIS 059-A. LP Spud PIS 050-A, Nat Spud PIS 050-B online
PIS 054 3 port Electrode and Thermocouple pilot incl Spud (Waldorf, APV, Blue Seal fryers) online
Part No. Knobs  
Gas Control Knob Robershaw, White Rodgers online
Temp Knob Robert Shaw Split Style(100/200oC) online
BBQ Knob 8mm BBQ knob Std online
BBQ Knob 6.35MM BBQ Knob online
BBQ Knob INV 6.35MM BBQ Knob Inverted online
HiTemp Knob Keefer Knob Standard black online
Fryer knob Cookon Fryer Red online
Blue Seal 1 Cutaway Style Knob (genuine Blue Seal) online
RSP 040 PEL 8mm Knob (Flame Failure) online
RCP 042 Escutcheon flame failure for PEL knob online
Part No. Valves  
Floor Baynet 1/2 BSP Chrome floor socket online
Wall Socket Wall Heater Socket online

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